“The hardest thing is getting out of bed in the morning to head to gym, but totally worth it. The feeling after a good workout with Omer Chaudhary is amazing. He’s always checking you out, making sure that your technique is correct to avoid injury and checks that you are okay throughout the session. 5 stars!”


“I highly recommend OC Fitness. They have a great workout plan with a lot of variety and noticeable results. Omer helped me manage fitness regime with my hectic lifestyle. Their exercises and meals plans turned my life totally.


I have gained much confidence.  I feel strong, healthy and ready to conquer any challenge that comes my way! Physically I have not felt or looked this way since my college (pre-baby) days. OC has guided perfectly in transforming my meal plans.

Managing my eating binges and anxiety has been a challenge but I have done it! It makes me emotional just writing about it. This would never have been possible without the Omer Chaudhary! He just gets it. There’s no judgement just empathy, understanding and an answer to a question as well as solid advice. He is amazing! I have nothing but love, respect and gratitude for him. Thanks to OC Fitness for changing me for the better mentally and physically.