Pakistan is a country of immense potential. According to one source, more than 65% of the country’s population is under the age of thirty-five. This has enormous implications for economic growth as a younger population is more likely to adapt to rapid changes and innovate new things. Unfortunately, our country is struggling with health problems. In this article, we will highlight the top health-related issues that our country is facing.

Lack of proper health care facilities

It is not a hidden fact that our country lacks severely when it comes to public health care provision. To start with, there are not enough hospitals to carter to the masses. And out of those facilities, many lack modern medical equipment.

The need for health awareness.

This point has more to do with the awareness of the general public. There are many people out there who are ready to misguide scores of people just for the sake of a few hundred rupees. This is only a sad state of affairs, as many people end up getting more sick rather than becoming healthy.

Poor diet

It is not a hidden fact that the key to healthy living starts with a quality diet. Nowadays we see that the majority of people prefer fast food that is not at all beneficial for our body. Instead of taking wholesome meals, natural fruits, and vegetables, we prefer oily and processed items. These fast food items might seem the logical option as they taste great and relatively cheap, but in the long run, they pose all kinds of health risks.

Lack of physical fitness

lastly, we, as a nation, do not value the fitness of our bodies. We take our bodies for granted. We live on a poor diet, and on top of it, we never bother to exercise. Our lifestyles are conditioned in such a way that we barely move our bodies. We sit and work in our offices and businesses for straight 8 to 10 hours and deprive our muscles of the growth that they need. All this leads to health conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

One of the primary reasons we started this project was to guide everyone to proper diet and exercise that they can easily incorporate into there daily lives. We believe that access to authentic fitness knowledge is something that should be readily available to everyone. Check out our plans to get into the best shape of your life!