Ok. I get it! My instagram post is quite stylized! But I guess you all wanted to read my interview in another format, perhaps something bit more reader-friendly and that’s why I have uploaded the entire version of the interview on my blog. There you go:

Matrix Media(MM): How would you like to describe yourself- A fitness trainer or a life style coach?

Basically I am a fitness model and a businessman. Initially, I did training courses besides courses in nutrition to be more knowledgeable and when I considered myself prepared to train others, I stepped in the field.

MM: Since when are you in this industry? How long have you been a trainer?

OC: I have a considerable experience in this field. I have been doing natural body building for the last 10 years.

MM: What’s included in your fitness program?

OC: My fitness plan includes bulking plan, shredding plan and basic plan i.e for the people who have no me to follow strict diet plans. I give customized workout videos and customized diet plans along with the complete one on one follow up on WhatsApp. I try to bring about a lifestyles change in my clients lives.

MM: What are the best exercises for geng rid of muffin tops/bat wings/inner thigh bulge?

OC: The least one can do is walk! After every meal walk for at least 30 mins. Don’t remain seated for long.

MM: Why don’t workouts ever get any easier?

OC: Workouts are always easy. We just exhaust ourselves by doing excessive workout in one day in order to achieve a lot in one go .Make it a part of your daily routine. Just as we take a shower, brush out teeth in routine, exercise daily so that it becomes a habit. We can control our stress and depression, if we exercise daily.

MM: How do we track fitness goals?

OC: Workout within limits, according to your strength, age, body weight. Make a schedule, take body measurements, and take photos to see difference.

MM: How to get motivated to go to the gym daily?

OC: When you see yourself in the mirror and see whatever you are wearing is looking good on you ,that is perhaps the biggest motivation for anyone like it is for me.

MM: A lot of girls are having hormonal problems these days what would you suggest them?

OC: To all the girls out there, change your eating habits, eat neat, do workout. These hormonal issues will end as you change your lifestyles. Fast food is a big no no. Adopt a healthy eating style.

MM: What is your account on Keto diet?

OC: Keto is a protein and fat based diet so i think not everyone can follow it for their whole lives. Stay simple and follow the easier way.

MM: Is there any shortcut to getting fit?

OC: No there is no shortcut in any field of life. I did natural bodybuilding, it was difficult to win contests by that but at the end I gained knowledge about how to take fitness as a lifestyle in an easy way. So avoid shortcuts to success.

MM: You have a versatile personality. How do you manage everything?

OC: I am a software engineer, but I was never interested in taking up a job, so I joined my family business after my studies. While I earned from my business, I spent on my bodybuilding. It cost me a lot financially. Later, I realized that i must share my knowledge with other people so they may live a healthy life. So i became a trainer. I wake up at 7 in the morning. Visit my business place, and then I work out. After that I deal with my online clients. On weekends I do my shoots mostly. Life is short so I don’t waste any moment of it while sleeping extra hours. Days are long if you wake up early!

MM: Any awards that you may have received regarding your profession?

OC: I got silver medal in 2017 in a contest “Mr Pakistan Men’s Physique”. In 2018 I got two silver medals in “Muscle Mania International and EBFF. I have only participated in a few events but Allah gave me success in many.